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What we offer?

Web development in the context of Vetwebsites is the process from the conceptualisation of a client’s need (in our case mostly private vets and veterinary practices, to have a presence on the internet), to the activity of designing and building a website for a vet or veterinary business and making such a site “go live” on the world wide web. For veterinarians this translates in us assisting them with thinking and formulating on paper, the process of what message and information they want to convey to their clients and then formalising this information by putting together the website content and organising it by applying appropriate web design to deliver their content to their clients via the internet.

It is a collaborative effort between The Code Company, utilising software development skills (computer programming) via client-side/server-side scripting and web server configuration, and the vet who renders a professional service to animal owners and where the virtual and physical world meet to educate and inform the animal owning public and provide relevant services and products to this community.

From a web development point of view the products offered by Vetwebsites range from the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications integrated with backend databases. Depending on the complexity of design and development web pages and websites can be static pages, or can be programmed to be dynamic pages that automatically adapt content or visual appearance depending on a variety of factors, such as input from the end-user, input from the webmaster or changes in the computing environment (such as the site's associated database having been modified).

Our information technology team include the services of web/software developers, web design specialists, graphic designers and administrative staff to make any web design project a success whatever the chosen technology platform.

The Code Company has developed a proprietary integrated software business product management system for vets whereby they can utilise the VetWeb ™ e-commerce system to manage and sell veterinary products online.

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About Web Design

At Vetwebsites web design involves the structure of the website including the information architecture (navigation schemes and naming conventions), the layout or the pages and the conceptual design with branding.

Our web design is a kind of graphic design intended for the development and styling of objects of the Internet's information environment to provide it with high-end consumer features and aesthetic qualities.

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Graphic Design

A properly designed website is an extension of the corporate identity of a veterinary business and as such we strive to maintain and incorporate any existing branding and design as much as possible.

We ask vets, who have an existing corporate identity ie a logo, colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other such methods of maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across all physical manifestations of the brand, to supply us with this information in electronic format.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation refers to designing, developing and building your website in such a way that Search Engines can find your site easily and make it visible to the person who is using the search engine to find information of relevance to them.

Search engine examples

- Google- Yahoo- Ananzi

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Social Networking

More and more veterinary practices are starting to incorporate social networks into their websites as social media is a space in which you can interact with your clients informally yet refer them to your website or practice when need be.

Should you wish to develop a social media strategy or link your practice website to any of the below mediums, we will help you do this.

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Mobi enabled sites

We continuously strive to ensure that our web development happens on platforms which make provision for displaying your website in the most effective way on cellphones.

Progressively more and more people are accessing the internet through their cellphones and with VetWebsites we would like to be at the cutting edge with our websites for vets, making sure your customers have pleasant browsing experience, no matter which device they access your site from.

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What are our web development processes?

For those vets who are a bit more technically inclined and who may be more interested in the specific technologies and languages we utilise to develop websites with a range of functionalities we make use of the following in our web development processes:
• Markup languages (such as HTML, XHTML and XML)
• Style sheet languages (such as CSS and XSL)
• Client-side scripting (such as JavaScript)
• Server-side scripting (such as PHP and ASP)
• Database technologies (such as MySQL and PostgreSQL)


Sample Designs

Browse some of our sample designs for websites we have built that can be tailored for your own personalized website.

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