• Is your postal bill sky high from sending out vaccination reminders? Was the response good?

• Is your phone bill bulging with hours spent on patient related queries?

• Are you looking for an easy way of advertising to clients, and measure the response?

• Are you using cutting edge internet-cellphone technology to achieve this?

What is SmartMessage?

It is the fast way to establish contact with clients for the sake of reminding or following up, confirming appointments or doing surveys. It offers a series of software applications to communicate via SMS, MMS and automated e-mail. It can be integrated with your existing SMS and e-mail systems or can be used as a standalone application. It is the only product of its kind which has been specifically designed and tailored for the veterinary industry. It takes all potential contacts unique requirements into consideration, whether an individual client or a pet food or pharmaceutical company.

What does SmartMessage offer?

• Web to SMS – SMS from your internet browser

• Desktop to SMS – SMS from your PC

• E-mail to SMS – Use e-mail to send SMS messages

• Automated e-mail campaigns

Why use SmartMessage?

SmartMessage is vital for running a streamlined practice. In a busy practice, it’s a QUICK AND EASY way to connect with your clients. Your messaging system can be automated and maintained, leaving you extra time to attend to patients. Furthermore …

• It’s easier and faster to use than sending an SMS via a cellphone or making a phone call

• Multiple (but personalised) messages can be sent out simultaneously

• Specific marketing campaigns can be targeted to reach specific clients, seamlessly and easily. These can also be measured for effectiveness.

• It saves money, cutting down on expensive landline-to-cellphone calls

• Clients with specific needs can receive information that is relevant to them: a specific item being back in stock or a special offer now available

• Larger messaging campaigns can be planned months in advance to avoid missed opportunities. 

SmartMessage can be one of the most profitable and cost effective investments for your practice.

SmartMessage has a proven track record in the veterinary industry in South Africa. Our business philosophy is based on the premise that if it does not make you money, then we have missed our goal.

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