Bulk Email and why it is relevant

E-mail has become the default method of communication the business world. In the private world e-mail is one of the most effective means of communication ONLY if used correctly. If e-mails are sent to clients who have no interest in your product or service, chances are they will view your communication as spam, and relegate you to a non-safe sender which means all your communication will go directly into their junk mail folder and be deleted. Further to this you may even be contravening the Electronic Communications Act as well as the Consumer Protection Act, if you send e-mails indiscriminately and without permission.​

To make matters even more complicated, let's presume you have the permission of your client to send them e-mails, and you are sending them relevant information, the spam filters of Internet Service Providers may see your e-mail as unsafe because of the way it was compiled or the wording you used in the e-mail, which means your message will never reach you intended recipient. If your e-mail does reach its intended recipient do you have a means of establishing whether it was opened and acted upon or are you merely hoping that you will hit the target. In other words do you have a means of measuring your return on investment both in terms of the cost of sending the mail, as well as the time you spent in creating the mail and doing relevant marketing to a segmented database.

How does The Code Company feature in this service?

The Code Company, with the SmartMessage e-mail platform and service can assist you with all the issues raised above. Further to this, we can assist you with relevant marketing campaigns and segmenting your database to ensure that only relevant information is sent to your intended recipient. This way, your communication will be relevant and appreciated and chances are you are likely to get a much higher return on investment using our solution and services

View our website for more information:  www.smartmessage.co.za