• Putting Vets on the net

    We combine our veterinary, IT, design, SEO and business expertise to give you the website that will grow your business.

  • Unique Design

    With your input we create a unique design for your website

  • Shop Identity

    Keep your practice identity on your site

  • E-commerce

    Integrated e-commerce makes it easy for you to sell online

  • Product updates

    Product information is updated for you

  • Domain Property

    Your domain is YOUR property

  • 24 / 7 hour shop

    Extend your shopping hours to 24/7 with an online shop

  • Content Management

    Easily update and maintain content yourself

  • Control your shop

    Be in control of your own shop: Prices, product offering, in house promotions & supplier campaigns

  • Monthly updates

    Your website is updated monthly with veterinary information

  • Product Promotions

    Do product promotions through your website using the Vetweb portal

  • Advertising

    Use your website to generate advertising revenue

  • Professional Image

    Extend your professional image online through Vetwebsites

  • Personalise your shop

    Personalise your online shop with shop notices and layout options

  • Social Media

    We can assist you with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc

  • Product Offering

    Extend your product offering as you now have the “space” to offer every product in every size

  • Target Marketing

    Do segmented targeted marketing with the right tools

  • Sell online

    You don’t have to keep stock of products you sell online

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Vetwebsites is the leading provider of websites and internet solutions for veterinarians and the veterinary industry in South Africa. We create visually appealing and functional websites combining our knowledge of the veterinary industry with computer programming (writing software code) and can meet the needs of most veterinary practices when it comes to an online presence at competitive prices.

Vetwebsites specialises in website design, content management, integrated e-commerce and backend programming, and we provide website hosting, intranet systems, and ancillary IT products for the veterinary industry.

Vetwebsites will assist you with domain registration, domain parking, hosting and search engine optimisation. Most importantly we will assist you, the veterinarian, by making the internet work for you by driving more visitors through your virtual and physical doors and enabling you to provide your clients with the products they need directly from your website. 



What we offer

An overview of the tools and options that will drive your veterinary business forward


Sample Designs

View some of the sample designs we have created for you to choose from and customise!


Other products

View more details regarding other services such as Bulk SMS, Bulk E-mail, VetDirectory and Eduvet. 



Browse some of the completed websites we have created for other clients!


More about Vetwebsites

Our vision is to stay the number one Internet Company for the veterinary industry in South Africa.

We specialise in developing functional solutions which allow vets to educate clients online and at the same time provide products to them by means of online shopping. We facilitate the process from loading a product onto a website to finally facilitating the sales transaction and getting the product delivered to the client through integrating the supply chain from manufacturer to client (or pet/animal for that matter) electronically by means of our proprietary VetWeb engine. We facilitate the integration of existing business systems and processes with the internet to empower our clients to harness the power of the internet. If our products fail to assist our clients to increase their bottom line, we are not reaching our goal. We strive to assist vets to increase their income while efficiently reducing their costs. We combine web development using popular programming languages coupled with database solutions to create sophisticated but elegant integrated solutions for the veterinary market.

Vetwebsites is at the forefront of the latest developments when it comes to creating web solutions for the veterinary profession.